Tubuai... the island of total peace 
Personality: Mysterious and friendly
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Pronounciation: "Too-boo-Aye".
Nickname: Island of total peace and serenity.

Former name: Tupua'i, Mouto'u
Budget level: inexpensive
Encounter: Tubuai features a magnificent lagoon that has nothing to envy to the Bora Bora lagoon. The Bounty mutineers tried to settle there, but without success. Tubuai's handicrafts are renown, especially Pandanus weaving and the making of Tifaifai.


At a glance: Main town: Mataura. Population: 2000, spread over 3 villages. A reef encircles the island to create a somptuous 85 km2 lagoon with maginficent motu and beautiful beaches all around the island. Social life is very active and big religious or sports events attract the whole population over various themes. Respectful of customs and handicrafts traditions that they were able to keep over the years, the people of Tubuai love to initiate their visitors to their island's traditions and pleasures.

How to get there: located 650 km South of Tahiti and 210 km from Rurutu, plan on a  1h 45 flight to get there directly by plane from Tahiti. The airport is located  4km from Mataura. It is possible to reach Tubuai by boat with the supplies freighters such as the Tuhaa Pae II or the Vaeanu: Plan for 1 or 2 days sailing and 3 monthly connections with Tahiti.


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