Ua-Huka... land of wild horses
Personality: Savage, absolute

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Origin of the name: Ua-Huka means "The Reservation"
Budget level: Inexpensive
Encounter: Ua-Huka is without a doubt one of the most exotic of the Northern islands of the Marquesas Archipelago. Isolated and savage, it is home to many renown sculptors.


At a glance: Main town: Vaipaee. Population : 550 people spread over the few villages essentially located on the South coast, like Hane, Vaipaee and Hokatu. L'île de Ua-Huka est située à une cinquantaine de km à l’Est de Nuku-Hiva.


How to get there: By plane, a 30-minute flight from its neighbor Nuku-Hiva. You can also get there on the Aranui passengers-freighter, which makes its rounds in the Marquesas several times a year.


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