Tahaa... the vanilla island

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Off the beaten track: Visit of the many vanilla plantations in the island with all there is to know about this miraculous orchid.

Sea and sun: Around the island in a powered canoe (or on a sailboat) is a must to discover the island's charms as seen from the lagoon. With a picnic or barbecue on a motu or a longer (and more expensive) stop for lunch in one of the 2 or 3 hotels and retaurants located on the motu. Beaches are plentiful around the island, but here everybody prefers to board a canoe to land on the white sand of one of the numerous motu on the North side of the island.

Sports and leisures: Diving and nautical sports seem to have been invented to take advantage of all of Tahaa's treasures. Let yourself be guided by the island people and the diving clubs who will show you where the best spots are.

Around the island: The partially paved road, will make you discover sumptuous vista points along its 67 km (40 miles). Unlike in the other Polynesian islands, houses here are gathered in villages around the churches. Along the road around the island, you will see only a few houses. The villages' surroundings are abundantly decorated with flowers and well maintained. Elsewhere, huge coconut groves shade many galleries dug by tupa (crabs).

Impressive : An excursion in a 4x4 via the road across the island, that goes from Haamene to Patio, the main town, and follows here a river, there a mape forest. From the Vaitoetoe Pass, the view on neighboring bays is breath-taking. The top is the kingdom of mango trees and pineapple fields, not to mention traditional taro and sweet potatoes fields.

CLICK to enlarge.Nature and traditions: Outside of the archeological sites of Vaimai and Mao, there are only a few places where you can encounter Tahaa' history. All the inhabitants, however, will make sure that you discover exciting legends and historical facts of the old days. For hikers, some splendid excursions around the Rooverta Farm. It is possible to reach the North coast through the mountains and exhuberant nature with 360° panoramas to take your breath away.

Enriching!? : A visit to a pearl farm : mother of pearl, grafting, history of the pearl and the possible to buy one at a lesser cost directly from the producer.

Island of Tahaa

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