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Tahiti, Moorea one day roundtrip

Bora-Bora or Moorea,
Huahine (or Raiatea), Tahiti.

Tuamotus, Bora-Bora, Raiatea, Tahiti.

Tuamotus (2 islands), Bora-Bora, Raiatea, Huahine, Tahiti.

Polynesia is a diver's paradise. The very great diversity of the islands, atolls and lagoons, offers unforgettable experiences to a diver:  ballets of manta rays, colorful fishes, sharks. You can see everything you might dream of in a magic scenery:   coral roses, undersea plants.  

Water is always warm all year round (between 26 and 29 degrees C), There is little difference in temperature between the surface and a depth of 60 meters. Underwater exploration can be done until advanced age, as long as you know your own limts, are a good swimmer, and follow the safety rules recommended by many diving centers. 

Each type of diving lets you encounter different fishes:

CLICK to enlarge-           in the lagoon, the diver can admire a wonderful spectacle;  with a simple mask and snorkel. He will discover thousands of harmless small colorful fishes swimming around the coral, sea anemonas and sea weeds 

         on the ocean side, outside of the reef, diving is done with special equipment and diving guides;  ihiding in the coral, you can discover fishes and crustaceans:  dolphins, tunas, sword fishes, grey sharks, giant turtles 

CLICK to enlarge.         in the pass opeing the lagoon to the ocean, between the coral walls, the tide filling or draining the lagoon like a basin, brings thousands of fishes in and out: tiny zebra skinned fishes, tunas, bonitos, groopers, barracudas, manta rays, parrot fishes, small sharks, etc. 


Where can we see? 

-          sharks (grey, white tips, black tips, lemon), leopard rays, napoleon fishes:  Moorea

-          manta rays, pastenague rays, leopard rays, sharks, barracudas: in Bora-Bora,in Maupiti

-          napoleon fishes, rays, sharks, morray eels, sea turtles, barracudas:  in Raiatea, in Tahaa

-         jack fish, sharks, morray eels, tunas, barracudas:  in Huahine

-          grey sharks ( count on it!), manta rays, eagle rays, jack fishes, napoleon fishes: in Rangiroa

CLICK to enlarge-          tunas, barracudas, turtles, white tip sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, napoleon fishes,   groupers (especially in July): in Manihi, in Tikehau, in Fakarava

-         hammerhead sharks, manta rays, Electre dolphins, horned morray eels: in Nuku-Hiva and Hiva-Oa

-          shipwrecks: in Tahitiand in Raiatea



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