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Another vacation style, increasingly popular in French Polynesia:  your floating home on a boat. This is indeed a very attractive option that lets you be easily transported from island to island, meet the local people at each stop and, most of all, that includes what you would usually pay for inter-islands flights.

With regard to cruises, many possibilities are offered: 

  • The large ships, which sail from Tahiti and offer 7 to 10-day luxury cruises to the Leeward islands, such as the Gauguin with 320 passengers,
  • CLICK to enlarge.The fast yachts, which are more private and leave the islands of Bora Bora, Raiatea or Huahine for 6 to 7-day cruises.
  • The passengers-freighters, which supply the islands and transport passengers, like the famous Aranui,  which with its 250 passengers, transports you for 2 weeks to the enchanting islands of the Marquesas. And finally for the adventure-minded, the small fishing boats that supply the remote islands.

planes and boats between islands 


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