Party time!

In Polynesia, everything is an excuse to party. Polynesians love to have fun, to sing and to dance. Each moment is good for a smile and a good time, either as a ritual or, most often, quite spontaneously.

A love for feasts
Singing, dancing and music are at the heart of Polynesian life during the “Heiva”.
Music, Singing and Dancing
Traditional dance is well alive. Ancient instrument and costumes continue to bring their originality. Local young groups are also influenced by foreign trends that are happily blended with traditional music.
Cuisine and Cocktails
One cannot spend time in Polynesia without having a taste of a Ahima'a, without discovering fafa chicken, grilled or steamed fish, chevrettes, the local vegetables and without, at night by the lagoon, sipping one of the famous cocktails with fresh tropical fruit.
The Wedding: an authentic ritual
A wedding according to Polynesian tradition is an exceptional opportunity to party and make friends with the people. If you wish to make the ceremony official, we show you how to do it.
The art of living
It can’t be explained, you have to live it!…

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