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  • Photos : Thank you to the GIE Tourism and to the photographs: Grégoire Le Bacon / Philippe Bacchet / Christian Duroch / D. Travers / Gilles Diraimondo – AMV Voyages / José Martinez Thomas / Julie Bourke / Lionel Pozzoli / Ben Thouard / Edith Dafniet / Jordi Cjias / Kirklandphotos / Le Meridien Bora Bora / Bora Bora Lagoon Resort / Robinson's Cove Villas Moorea / Lucien Pesquier – Bleu Lagon Productions / Tim Mc Kenna / Alexis Rosenfeld / J. Sekkaki / Vladimir Brouillet / Alain Nyssen / L. Nguyen / J. Benhamza / Thierry Zysman / Michel Aubert / Fréderic Payet / Greg Nagel / Isabelle Ozan / Benoît Stichelba / Rodolphe Holler / Zoltan Lengyel / Raymond Sahuquet / Dolphin Center / Eric Pasquier / Michel Largeron / Virginie Kiou / Gregory Boissy / J. Gallecier / S. Kobayashi / Diren / Marcel Isy Schwart / Cécile Flipo / Tahiti Yacht Charter / V. Audet / Danee Hazama / Christian Malheiro / Laurent Sauvat / Nicolas Perez / Ty Sawyer /
  • Earth photographs come from the Earth Sciences and Image Analysis, NASA-Johnson Space Center.

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  • The CartaZoom technology (maps with dynamic location) has been developed exclusively for our site www.Tahiti.Guide . This technology may easily be used again under a "white label" function for your website. If you are interested in this technology for your own site, please send an e-mail to:





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