Bora-Bora... the south seas pearl

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 The most beautiful lagoon in the world

Beyond all its treasures, Bora-Bora makes it possible for anyone to discover the marine universe under the best possible conditions. With only a mask, fins and a snorkel, the visitor can venture without danger to the discovery of the immense lagoon:  most fishes and other marine life are found between 1 and 3 meters deep. A good opportunity for every one!

Discovering the lagoon
The lagoon in Bora-Bora is three times as large (83 km2) than the above water land. It offers to your eyes an incomparable range of lights and bleu nuances. Southwest of the island, is the Coral Garden an amazing natural undersea park where all sorts of fishes can be observed, with lots of rays, morray eels, not to mention dolphins and sharks. Each hotel and guest house has its own "marine life specialist" to take you to meet all these marvels in the crystal clear turquoise waters. Bora-Bora's life is very rich. 700 species of tropical fishes are counted there. A few yards from Matira Point, is the home of the Manta Rays. Every day hundreds of admirers observe their astonishing ballet, without even disturbing them. Near Motu Toopua and Motu Tapu, within the island's only pass, Te Ava Nui, you can visit "Hiro's Bell" a sound making rock on which, according to the legend, Hiro the god of Bora-Bora would beat to warn the warriors of an ennemy attack. We also see other varieties of rays, gray rays and leopard rays sith superb spots. At the pass' entrance, is the "White Valley", 55-meter deep, where you can watch the never ending ballet of gray sharks and barracudas.

TEXT. CLICK to enlarge.Say dad, what's a seabow?
All children know that a rainbow acts like a prism and makes it possible to distinguish the 7 visible colors of the spectrum. The same way, each color is equally represented in this semi-circular undersea arrangement.

Such definition would probably make a Tahitian child smile, as in Polynesia, BLUE has taken over the whole color range to insert all of its nuances:

In fact this is more like a SEABOW unraveling like some irresistible smile from one side of the lagoon to the next. But the better to hide the thousands of colorful fishes who live in this immense natural swimming pool... How about that! The pool's water is salty!

Island of Bora-Bora

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