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With many hotels in the luxury category, French Polynesia is often called an "  expensive destination"  … But alternative forms of lodging have been developed in the past ten years, which now make Polynesia affordable to all budgets:  hotels of "grand tourisme" and "tourisme" categories, small family-owned hotels and pensions (guest houses) with the inhabitants, not to mention a few campground which, sometimes offer you to trade you tent for a small private fare (cabin) right on the beach for 60 or 70 Euros per night. An offer difficult to pass.



There is no official hotel classification in French Polynesia, but here are the various categories recorded: 

 Hotels in the category "Luxe" = corresponds to 4 or 5 stars.
 Hotels in the category "Grand Tourisme" = corresponds to 3 stars.
 Hotels in the category "Tourism" = corresponds to 2 stars.

 Villas for rent = corresponds to 3 or 4 stars
 Vacation Rentals = corresponds to 1 or 2 stars
 Small family-owned hotels = corresponds to 1star More
 Guest Houses (Pensions de famille) = lodging with the inhabitant More
 Campings = some guest houses also feature campgrounds, but beware of tropical rain showers!  


To best manage your budget, combine these various lodging types as you visit the islands: Guest houses or small family-owned hotels for the legendary hospitality of the islanders, Vacation Villas to live like locals and even, in many cases, enjoy a private access to the beach. Somewhere else, choose Polynesian style hotels, often located inside exotic gardens, where you will be welcome in comfort in accordance to their category ranking.


CLICK to enlarge.  pour agrandir.And to finish on a high note: it is hard to resist the delights of a luxury hotel offering you a bungalow with all the refined comfort and a staff particularly eager to please. Cuddled up in your voluptuous cocoon, near a turquoise color lagoon, Western comfort mixed with island lifestyle will quickly make you forget a few over budget extravagances. At least paradise will not have been lost for everybody!

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