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To live in Polynesia, means forgetting one's usual points of reference and letting oneself seduced by the tiare flower offered as soon as you arrive by a smiling vahine , by the delicious perfume of the flower lei from a plentiful nature. It means savoring the smell of vanilla, letting oneself be caressed by the trade winds. It means discovering the spontaneous joy of the festivities, through singing and dancing. It means enjoying "poisson cru", barbecues on the beach, sipping cocktails under the Southern sky. Massaged with monoi, while wrapped in a pareo, it means letting oneself be transported by incomparable sunsets. It also means surfing, paddling a canoe, diving amid colorful fishes, admiring the undersea world, petting a stingray. It also means discovering the scenery, hiking, horseback riding, riding a 4 X 4, climbing mountains. It is of course, adorning oneself with black pearls… 

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It means making friends with Polynesians, discovering their culture, their sense of hospitality, their history.

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