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The origin of surfing is Polynesian, although this sport became more popular further North, in Hawaii. Explorers' stories, particularly Cook's, already mentioned this sport practiced by the Maohis in 1767, while laying on a board: it was the ancestor of body boarding. (it was only in the early 20th century than some American had the strange idea to stand up on the board.)

French Polynesia gets swells from all directions, which encourage this sport, the best time for surfing is April to October.

  • In passes, the swells are along the reef : this is called a " reef wave ".
  • On beaches, when the slope is steep enough, swells cause a beach wave that is good for surfing.

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  • Taapuna (10 kilometers from Papeete, on the West Coast) is the most popular spot, it is a reef wave for surfers ranking good to excellent.
  • Near the Havae pass, a famous left:  Teahupoo is world famous and perfect for very experienced surfers. A world competition takes place on this mythical wave every mid-may.
  • The Te Ava Ino pass and those in Te Ava Iti and Vairao feature waves that are more for average surfers.
  • Venus Point (on Tahiti's East Coast) is also famous, as well as its Bay, for beginners.
  • Papara, a beach on the South side of Tahiti, is alsoa spot accessible to beginners.  

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In Moorea :

  • Surfing spot in Haapiti, with powerful waves
  • In Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay, the latter features low amplitude waves where even children can practice.

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CLICK to enlarge.In Huahine :

  • Fare, Fitii and Parea feature reef waves all year round. The Ava Mo’a pass facing the village of Fare is a surfing spot well known in the Pacific.

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Beware: As for all nautical sports, you must be careful and never overestimate yourself,  seek advice (there are several surfing schools on these islands, remain cautious about the strength of the ocean and inquire about weather forecasts.


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