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A great number of traditional items are still made today following century old methods. Many handicrafts center exist in each island and regroup hundreds of associations organized by specialties:

Necklaces, Weaving, Sculptures, Tapas, Jewelry, etc.

CLICK to enlarge.Polynesian sculptors compete in inspiration while bringing back the finely chiseled clubs, spears and drums of their ancestors Do not miss the tiki, carved in stone or wood, sculptured reproduction of ancient times Polynesian gods. 

 Flower and plants exhibitions take place all year round and offer a great variety of tropical plants for sale. For a modest sum, it is possible today to buy superb bougainvillias, yuccas, hibiscus and orchids, whose varieties are many in Tahiti. It is even possible to bring them back from your trip by plane, but find out first about import conditions in your home country.

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CLICK to enlarge. Do not forget also the many pareos in various colors and tattooing, which originated in Polynesia, uses a wide range of motifs and is experiencing a major new interest. 

 And finally, the sumptuous tifaifai, these original patchwork bedspread, which like Gauguin or Matisse will bring you in the dreamlike universe of Polynesian naive art. They are found in the Papeete market, but also in all other islands where prices are often lower than in Tahiti...






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