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www.Tahiti.Guide : Our interactive travel guide was completed in 2003 by a team scattered around our small planet, a majority of whom working on Moorea Island, with its lagoon as a source of inspiration. 13 years later the responsive version (on Tablets, Mobile, Web) was launched in July 2016. Thanks to all!

 Our pledge
We are pledging to bring you the most accurate information possible, and more specifically: 

  1. TO ALWAYS SHOW PHOTOS RELATING TO THE ISLAND OR TO THE FEATURED PROVIDER. On many other sites, indeed, photos don't always match the featured islands (you are sometimes shown a picture of Bora Bora, while the text is about the island of Huahine, or, you are shown a photo of a hotel that actually pictures another hotel:  only when you get there, do you realize the substitution!!
  2. to show ALL LODGING ACCOMMODATIONS AND ALL ACTIVITIES on our Directory-Cartazooms, without excluding anyone (we count over 2,500 locations on the 25 islands featured)
  3. to update our interactive maps with accuracy and on a timely basis. We are also counting on you to tell us about changes and obsolete or new information by e-mail:

 Use of personal data
Protection of your personal data is a very important concern at Tahiti Guide. See our privacy policy

 No guarantee or representation
Despite the care we take every day to update the information on our site, errors and inaccuracies can happen. All information (texts, photos, videos, adresses, etc) is given "as is" without any kind of guarantee, including (without limitation) all sales guarantees.

Our site does not feature any text or photo susceptible to offend children. We however advise parents and adults in charge of children to spend time with them when visiting our site, in order to make them aware and have them discover our planet's cultural and geographical diversity. No information provided by a minor less than 18 years old should be sent to our site without parents or guardians consent.

 Respect of the environment
"Let us all protect Paradise on Earth"

In French Polynesia, respect of the environment is a MUST and a part of our ancestral culture. Conscious that we inherited  an earthly paradise, we take the best care of it. When in our islands, make sure that you also respect the environment. Tahiti and her islands represent a marvelous ecosystem, but it is isolated and fragile (this isolation makes it even MORE fragile as shown by the quick spreading of diseases throughout our islands at the start of the 19th century). Do not bring animals or plants, respect the fauna and the flora, do not harm coral, leave the beaches clean, do not drop noxious substances in the lagoon or the sea. We thank you all.

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