Our concept

Tahiti.Guide is the ideal website to build your custom itinerary, matching your budget, your tastes, while mixing styles and experiences!

The Tahiti Guide concept reflects our own way to travel... we book EVERYTHING DIRECTLY via Internet
as we have more flexibility, more freedom, more control to build our dreams ourselves!
To fully enjoy the islands, one must find all leisure activities and points of interests in a blink, either in the whole island or nearby a specific lodging


A tourism directory updated and checked by our local team.

500 Hotels, vacation Rentals & Villas, Guest Houses, 500 Leisure Activities, 300 Restaurants & Snacks
and 1000 POI (Points of Interest), to fully enjoy 25 islands in French Polynesia.


  • we live and work in the French Polynesian e-tourism sector for 13 years
  • we have an extensive knowledge about all the islands, their specificities, and also about the useful tips :)
  • we are in connection with all lodgers and leisure providers
  • we are taking care of travelers' needs and reviews to constantly improve our websites and services

Denis Laxenaire, Alix Desmarchelier

Denis is a fanatic sailor, bilingual in English, he is the founder of the tourism web portal created in 2003. Denis is a specialist of intermediary platforms in Saas mode on the Cloud. Specialist of the Internet governance, he is also a great lover of French Polynesia. He owns lodgings in Moorea, Robinson’s Cove Villas, which he turned into Vacation Rentals since 2007.

Travel operator since 2010,  Denis created Tahiti Villas to select the best Vacation Rentals in French Polynesia thanks to real-time functions synchronized with large portals. We answer all your requests within 24h maximum, and often in only a few hours!

Alix is a multi-talented artist with a sharp sense of details and of welcome. She has an extensive knowledge of the tourism sector throughout all the islands for 8 years! Real conductor, she manages a multitude of missions ranging from database administration and Photoshop mastering to the composition of tropical flower bouquets !!! She permanently switches from virtual to real world, mixing Internet and a true "art de vivre" :)

Alix and Denis share the same passion for the islands and for successful vacations :)


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