Polynesian culture

The abundance of the Ma’ohi cultural heritage is by itself a sufficient reason to travel to Tahiti. The history of this authentic can be read in the many ancestral sites in Tahiti and her islands, such as the Marae, outdoor ceremonial platforms where celebrations and religious ceremonies took place.

The Ma'ohi people
Recent research have confirmed the origin of the Ma'ohi people, mostly from archeological discoveries.
Handicrafts are very much alive in Polynesia. Many handicraft centers display the local production.
A few useful words to know to better soak up life in the islands, while keeping in mind that French is of course spoken everywhere and English is common in the tourism industry.
First names
Original and exotic first names are in fashion; here are a few charming names.
Religious faith is mostly Christian with denominations often influencing political choices. Religious services play a major role and are an occasion not to miss.
Double hull canoes
The Ma'ohi’s greatest achievement: the double hull canoes with which they became great navigators and sailed the Pacific in search of new lands.
The “Hawaiki Nui Va'a” race
A major sport event that lasts 3 days, takes place early in November and during which noes compete between the islands of Huahine and Bora Bora.

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