Black Pearls of Tahiti   

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Pearls have always been appreciated. In ancient Grece, women and men made necklaces and bracelets with them. In the Middle Ages, pearls were associated with gemstones to make decorative objects. Later, pearls were often used to embellish fancy clothes. Today, they are mounted on rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 

Pearl farming, based on Pinctada Margaritifera oysters, the only variety in the world to produce a dark color pearl, has been developed in Polynesia  for over twenty years. The spawn (a set of young oysters) is immerged in the water of the lagoon. When the oysters are adult (after three years), the pearls are " seeded " : the mollusks are open and in their body (generally in the sexual glands) a nucleus (tiny bead made from a fresh water mollusk) is implanted. The oysters are then immerged in the lagoon for over 18 months during which they are carefully monitored. Less than half of the oysters, however, produce one or two pearls. 

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The various shades are natural, grays and blacks are enhanced by various reflections : silver, blue, pink, eggplant, etc. Each shape is unique, the rarest pearl is one that is perfectly round, this is the most expensive!  Other shapes also appreciated are pear and button shaped pearls! Other than the color, luster (its shine) and of course size (diameter) are important factors in the choice. 

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