Artists and famous visitors

The beauty of the islands, their easy living, their enchanting climate, their colorful flowers, their sunsets, their fragrances, the Polynesian hospitality… Everything is brought together to inspire an artistic soul and to attract men in search of a new world.

While Gauguin is the most famous, other painters have also emphasized the colors of the islands and illustrate their way of life. Talented artists are today bringing a modern touch to Tahitian painting.
Paul Gauguin in Polynesia
Arrived in Polynesia to find the authenticity of its daily life and its culture, Paul Gauguin was a pioneer of modern art. Breaking away from the Impressionists’ style, he tried to express his feelings through shapes and colors.
These islands have inspired writers from the time of the first exploration to today when renowned writers continue to sing the beauty and their love of Polynesia.
The adventurers
Polynesian islands have always attracted adventurous sailors longing for new lands, freedom and desert islands.
The 18th century sailors
It is truly in the 18th century that navigators from several European countries discover and explore the Polynesian islands and try to settle there. Their stories kept their contemporaries dreaming.
Captain James Cook
The name of James Cook, one of the greatest explorers in History is closely linked to Tahiti. He made 3 trips there in the 18th century, pioneered anthropological exploration and truly revealed Polynesian culture to the world.
The Bounty
Everything about the most famous mutiny in sailing history. Why did Tahiti make Fletcher Christian go totally insane?

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