How to plan my future vacation ?


Our site aims at being a GUIDE and A MAP DIRECTORY featuring links to ALL service providers to the tourists visiting French Polynesia.

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Good trip planning is indeed the secret to an unforgettably great experience. This is even more true for Tahiti and her islands as,  for most tourists visiting our islands, this trip has been thoroughly thought of and required a lot of research, but it has never been very easy to find comprehensive information that is also up to date.

It is to answer all these questions (and many others) that we created the site Tahiti Guide, the first interactive travel guide for Tahiti and her islands.

Our site is meant to be as exhaustive and practical as a travel guide, it has been designed to help you plan your coming trip and select your various steps within the many islands in our country.

CLICK to enlarge.In a nutshell, to make you enjoy the art of traveling and bring you serenity and tranquility. After all, isn't it the right thing to do when you're planning a trip to Paradise?  



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