Recommended itineraries

Our itineraries to fit your style. Let your personality express itself totally, Polynesia knows how to take you to the end of your dreams.

Recommended inter-island itineraries
Our recommended itineraries between the Society Islands and Tuamotu. Tips to better plan.
For Newlyweds
An ideal and magical place for your honeymoon or even, to get married again!
For divers
A diver’s paradise with all possible approaches: protected inside the lagoon, along the reef in the ocean or in the pass in the currents.
For those who are “fiu”
I am Fiu... What’s behind this expression? Does it only mean that you want to relax?
For Yachtsmen
Polynesia is an ideal destination for yachtsmen. Some useful information about boat rentals, itineraries, navigation and moorings.
For hikers
The main hikes island by island and their various levels of difficulty.
For adventurers
For those who want to go off the beaten paths, lodging is available at low cost. Advice also for very tight budgets.
One island, one experience
Activities not to miss in each island of French Polynesia

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