Surfing, Tattoos, Pareos, Monoi

Here are the Polynesian’s major four inventions that were “exported” all over the world. The last 3 are dedicated to the human body and it’s appearance, while surfing has always been a favorite game for the Polynesians. While we are talking about Ma'ohi inventions, let us not forget the catamarans, modern versions of the double hull canoes invented by their ancestors.

Invented a long time ago by the Polynesians, this game continued to be practiced until it became a sport and a true way of life. Description of the spots where to surf today.
An art practiced for centuries by the ancient Ma'ohi, this type of body enhancement, very much back in fashion since the 70’s is keeping the art alive and let the Polynesians affirm their recovered identity.
This is the indispensable outfit and the best fitted to the sun and the softness of the Trade Winds. An indispensable accessory with many uses: to lay on the beach, to prevent sunburns and to get dressed with a touch of informality.
Monoi and Vanilla
Monoi, this delicately scented coconut oil, has such a captivating fragrance that it will stay with you! As to vanilla, it is often present in the local cuisine. Bring back some in your luggage!

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