History, Legends

It is interesting to look at the historical origin of Polynesia, to go back to the origin of its people, to discover ancient believes, to better understand the presence of marae, tikis, and also to get fascinated by the story of the Bounty.

Tahiti was discovered by European navigators only 230 years ago. Wallis, Bougainville and Cook returned home with enthusiastic stories before the arrival of missionaries and the French Protectorate until the present Internal Autonomy status.
The first settlements
Where did these intrepid Maori navigators come from to conquer the entire Polynesian Triangle between Hawaii, Easter Island and New Zealand?
Tikis and Marae
The famous tikis with their grinning smiles symbolize Maori gods. Many marae remnants stand witnesses of a past rich in sacred rituals, celebrations and ancient believes.
Legends and Traditions
The only tangible records of ancient legends are found in petroglyphs and statues of gods. But oral tradition lives on with its myths and its believes.
The 18th century sailors
It is truly in the 18th century that navigators from several European countries discover and explore the Polynesian islands and try to settle there. Their stories kept their contemporaries dreaming.
The Bounty
Everything about the most famous mutiny in sailing history. Why did Tahiti make Fletcher Christian go totally insane?

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