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Date:   October 03, 2003 to January 19, 2004 - Paris, France.

Woman with a mango. CLICK to enlarge.Gauguin has a show in Paris for 3 and a half months
After the exhibition held in Tahiti from May 15 to July 25, it is in PARIS that an EXCEPTIONAL IMPORTANCE GAUGUIN EXHIBITION is held at the GRAND PALAIS, near the Seine River until January 19, 2004. To celebrate the centenial of his death in Hiva Oa (Marquesas), over 200 paintings, sketches, sculptures done by the artist in TAHITI and in the MARQUESAS are exhibited, among which the very famous "Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" considered to be his pictorial testamen, and which on loan from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, had not been back in France for over 50 years.

The exhibited Gauguin's works are a flagrant proof of the artist's fundamental role in the liberation of  colors within modern art. While claiming the "right to dare everything" in pictorial art, he gives the signal of a quest for new pictorial ideas.


This exhibition should be credited for showing works, which are usually scattered in museums and private collections throughout the world, from Copenhagen, Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Boston, St Petersburg, Japan, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc, and among which we should mention woman with a mango, Teha'amana's ancestors, Te nave nave fenua, Delightful Land, Rupe Rupe, Fruit Picking. The whole thing constitutes a true symphony of colors which is not about to be gathered together for many years. Not to forget the many sculptures on display, that Gauguin made almost to the end, at age 54 when ill and penniless the artist was at the end of his rope, out of canvasses, paint, alcohol, morphin, and time.


CLICK to enlarge.The 1m39 x 3m75 master piece is of course "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" painted in the Marquesas in the artist's small cabin, the "maison du jouir". It is read from right to left, from childhood, through adulthood to death. This remarkable piece will return home to Boston where the enire exhibition will be presented from February 29 to June 20, 2004.







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