Our outdoors school classes.

The Maison de la Nature, Lodging and Organization Center for Outdoors School Classes.

A nature outing! A discovery break! A project!
La Maison de la Nature organizes and proposes education programs about the environment through project-oriented teaching methods.
This one allows to approach and to understand the environment in an active way, the child can’t content with observing, with contemplating, he acts, it develops the autonomy, responsibility, environmental awareness, tolerance, solidarity and of course the respect. It can allow the children to practice from their youngest age, their basic rights and their duties of citizens and to become the active eco-citizens.
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Our services include

• Welcoming the children at the entrance of the valley
• Hiking on foot to discover the valley (luggage will be transported in our Land Rover)
• Welcome snack upon arrival of the Maison de la Nature
• Supervision and activities are ensured in the morning and afternoon by Bernard, Nature Initiator and professional medium difficulty Mountain Guide.
• Lunch and dinner are taken in common in a friendly atmosphere.
• Theme nights or films on video projector
• Lodging in rooms for 4 children or dormitory
• Breakfast
And, of course, teaching materials for manual ctivities and insurance coverage (activities, liability).
The stays' programs and lengths depend essentially on the wishes and plans of the school teachers, their students and also... on the weather.

Contact us for planning and transfer by bus.
Numerous projects are adapted for the primary and secondary classes.



2014-2015 School year, all taxes included
Day pass: 6,500 Fcfp per person
Day pass for the whole class: contact-us

Contact us for dates: lamaisondelanature@mail.pf

Vaianae Valley pk 21 – BP 80018 Haapiti – 98729 MOOREA
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