Our leisure center.

The Maison de la Nature, Leisure Center for your children.

During school vacations, the Mou’a Roa Maison de la Nature organizes junior adventure vacations for your children age 5 to 16.
The objectives during these stays is not only to spend a good vacation time in the middle of nature, but to learn about making choices, being autonomous and responsible.
Each child learns self-respect, respect for the others and respect for nature.

Such an initiation can only improve future day-to-day life.


Our new activities

• Tyrolean of 40ml
• Mountain bikes
• Skateboard
• Archery's area
• Acrobatic course
• New soccer field

Our "full nature" activities

• Initiation to hiking
• Initiation to exploration (compass and altimeter)
• Building a cabin in the forest
• Making fire and baking one's own bread
• Sleeping in the forest in one's own cabin
• Initiation to rock climbing on an artificial structure
• A night under the stars at the "3 coconut trees" pass (during the good season)
• Nature path-finding games

Other activities

Miscellaneous Sports
• Volleyball  • Badminton  • Ping pong  • Soccer

Art cratfs
• Wood carving with a poclet knife
• Wood work in our handy shop (saw, nails, glue, paint, etc.)
• Cooking (jam and bread)
• Painting on fabric (pareos, bags, etc.)
• Dyeing and natural colors
• How to make recycled paper
• How to make a bow, arrows and a quiver

Miscellaneous board games 
• Theme nights
• Dancing and choreography
• Initiation to guitar playing
• Films on giant screen with a video projector



2013-2014 school year all taxes included
Day pass : 7,200 Fcfp per person

Contact us for the final dates and for your child inscription child. lamaisondelanature@mail.pf

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