On the 6th day of the Creation, the Creator was very satisfied of His work and was getting ready for a well deserve rest.

He still had, however, a handful of dirt in his hand.
He then decided to throw it in the blue waters that He just created. 
A string of small islets was formed in this very clear water. He had just created the TUAMOTU Archipelago!

He was very satisfied of this last creation, which completed His Work and He said to Himself:
"When I retire, I’ll go rest there! It looks like a small Paradise!”


Nicknamed “The End of the World”, the atoll of Fakarava is located 560 km (325 miles) Northeast of Tahiti. Fakarava is, after Rangiroa, the second largest atoll of Polynesia with 60 km (35 miles) in length and 25 km (6 miles) in width.

Rated as a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO, Fakarava features a very rich fauna and flora.
It is one of Polynesia’s key destinations for diving fans.

The Air Tahiti airline flies there several times a week from Tahiti or Rangiroa. See the website

More information on Fakarava Island


The "Pension’s" idyllic site is located 11 km (6 miles) from the airport.
Transfer guest house/airport:
One way: 1,050 CFP (tax. not incl.) per person,
Round/trip: 2,100 CFP (tax. not incl.) per person  
(free for chidren less than 12 years)

7 km (4 miles) from there, is a store where you can find all necessities (food, sun protection, drinks, cigarettes etc.)
You can get there on foot or rent a bike.

See the location on satellite map

Rangiroa - Bounty family lodge: www.pension-bounty.com




Guest House Vaiama Village

Dalhia and Jean-Jacques
 Tel/Fax : 689 40 98 41 13 
Mobile: 689 87 70 81 99

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